About Us

Back on July 7, 1998 dvdfuture version 1.0 got it's first start as a small dvd fan site on the Millsaps College web server. All it had was a list of links of all the dvd sites that Jay could find down the left hand side of each page. There were no fancy graphics just all text and tables.

Sine the dvd format was still new to the scene Jay traded links with everyone he could find and in six months there were 6,000 hits on the site. At the same time dvdempire was just coming on the scene with it's huge online store and offered to buy ad placement on Jay's new dvd page. However, because of Millsaps College's code of ethics concerning advertisements being placed on sites hosted by the college the site had to be moved.

dvdfuture.com version 2.0Over the `98 holiday season Jay, John, and Trey decided to make a new web site called dvdfuture and try to concentrate on movie reviews. At this time the old site on the Millsaps College server Jay put up a request looking for writers for the new site. That's when Ken Pierce sent Jay an e-mail wanting to join the team. He was more than welcome and has since taken on writing his editorial, Front Row Sofa!, many reviews, and many features.

On February 8, 1999 dvdfuture version 2.0 went live with a whole new focus and a team of writers. In the next six months we got more reviews, features, and editorials on line and our traffic increased. Trey got busy with school and decided that he did not have time for the site any longer. Just about this time dvdfuture started to receive screener movies to review. In June of 1999 Jay decided to make dvdfuture the focus of his college senior project for his Computer Science degree.

dvdfuture.com version 3.0This was Jay's first big project with PHP and MySQL. Needless to say he had a very limited understanding of both. However, with creating the site Jay learned what to do and what not to do for future versions of dvdfuture. In January 2000 dvdfuture version 3.0 went live with a big contest and Ken's coverage of the 2000 Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

Version 3.0 of dvdfuture went through several different layouts and in April of 2002 dvdfuture 4.0 went online with several new things. Version 4.0 had a movie review search engine by title and a whole new message forum from phpBB. A few minor changes came along with the acquisition of George, Randy, and Ilya. Version 4.1 incorporated a search of the news section of the site and other small layout features.

dvdfuture.com version 4.0Finally, Jay has reached version 5.0 of dvdfuture. There is now an advanced search, a totally new look, a totally new layout, and hopefully with all of this the site will be easier to use for everyone. However, if you think this is going to be the last version of dvdfuture you are wrong!

In the near future Jay is going to be helping with the development of a web based Portal/CMS system with the forum software phpBB. This will make a lot of things possible for the site and will be a shinning example of the power of the new software. Right now it is still in the development stage. Until then expect dvdfuture to change to fit what are readers and fans want to see!