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Donnie Darko Director's Cut


Fox Home Entertainment invites you to go down the rabbit hole to re-discover writer/director Richard Kelly's sensational and disturbing cult masterpiece when the DONNIE DARKO: DIRECTOR'S CUT arrives on DVD February 15, 2005.

Defying genre boundaries and simple explanations, the mind-bending film captures the darkness and angst of a disturbed teenager in a unique and dreamlike story. Boasting powerful performances by an all-star cast including Jake Gyllenhaal (The Day After Tomorrow), Drew Barrymore (Charlie's Angels), Jena Malone (Saved!), Patrick Swayze (Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights) and Noah Wyle ("ER"), DONNIE DARKO has been hailed as "an engaging, time-tripping Holden Caufield" by the New York Post.

Available for $26.98, DONNIE DARKO: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT is presented with English Dolby Surround 2.0 and English Dolby Digital 5.1 in widescreen (aspect ratio 2.35:1), and includes audio commentary with writer/director Richard Kelly and Kevin Smith, a Donnie Darko Production Diary with optional commentary by director of photography Steven Poster, "They Made Me Do It Too—The Cult Of Donnie Darko," a storyboard to screen featurette, "#1 Fan: A Darkomentary" and the director's cut theatrical trailer.


During the presidential election of 1988, a teenager named Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) sleepwalks out of his house one night, and sees a giant, demonic-looking rabbit named Frank, who tells him the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. He returns home the next morning to find that a jet engine has crashed through his bedroom. As he tries to figure out why he survived and tries to deal with people in his town, like the school bully, his conservative health teacher, and a self-help guru, Frank continues to turn up in Donnie's mind, causing him to commit acts of vandalism and worse. In the tradition of Urban Legends and Final Destination, DONNIE DARKO is an edgy, psychological thriller about a suburban teen coming face-to-face with his dark destiny. Gyllenhaal leads a star-filled cast as a delusional high-school student visited by a demonic rabbit with eerie visions of the past – and deadly predictions for the future.

Street Date: February 15, 2005


The year's "funniest buddy action comedy" (WWOR-TV) that's filled with "real laughs" (San Francisco Chronicle) and "explosive fun" (KGUN-TV) arrives on DVD and rental VHS when TAXI debuts on February 15, 2005 from Fox Home Entertainment. Starring Queen Latifah (Bringing Down The House) as a cabdriver with a full-throttle attitude and undercover cop Jimmy Fallon ("Saturday Night Live"), the duo take an usually wild and hysterical ride in a race to stop a band of supermodel bad girls.

Available for $29.98, the TAXI DVD puts the pedal to the metal with super-charged bonus materials including a never-before-seen extended version of the movie plus the original theatrical version, deleted scenes and five featurettes. The DVD is presented in widescreen (2.35:1) and pan & scan (1.33:1) with English 5.1 Dolby Stereo and French and Spanish Dolby Surround.

TAXI - Synopsis:

Chicago's Queen Latifah and "Saturday Night Live's" Jimmy Fallon team up in this non-stop action-comedy. Latifah is New York's fastest cabbie whose skills behind the wheel and souped-up car help an overeager undercover cop (Fallon) pursue a gang of female sexy bank robbers.

Street Date: February 15, 2005


With insane snowboard action and stunts performed by Warren Miller and X-Games snowboard champion Nate Holland, FROSTBITE on DVD has got all the tricks. Ski season heats up when the sexiest snow bunnies on the slopes hit the half pipe and the hot tub in Fox Home Entertainment's FROSTBITE, debuting on DVD on February 15.

Starring sex-kitten Tracy Lords, smokin' hot Playboy Playmates Suzanne Stokes and Buffy Tyler and a bevy of Hawaiian Tropic bikini-clad board-babes, FROSTBITE follows a slacker (Peter Jason) as he sets off to follow his dreams... and it's a downhill journey all the way. Available for $27.98 the FROSTBITE DVD features a flurry of extras, including four unrated deleted scenes and a making-of featurette. The DVD contains widescreen and pan & scan on the same disc with stereo sound and optional English subtitles.

FROSTBITE - Synopsis:

In the tradition of Ski School and Out Cold comes a comedy about a slacker, Billy, who'll do anything to avoid the real world, so he heads off to a snowboarding academy hoping to hone his skills. It's hard to stay focused on snowboarding, however, when Billy becomes infatuated with the instructor's daughter.

Street Date: February 15, 2005

The Grid

The stakes are life or death when U.S. and British intelligence agencies form a tenuous alliance to stop a powerful organization of international terrorists in "THE GRID" debuting on DVD on February 8, 2005 from Fox Home Entertainment.

With a plot as complex as the subject it portrays, "THE GRID" premiered on TNT as the #1 cable program, bringing in 4.3 million viewers, and took audiences on both sides of the Atlantic by storm with its heart-stopping action and intricate plot twists. Starring Dylan McDermott, Julianna Margulies and an internationally recognized all-star cast, "THE GRID" offers a dramatic portrayal of the challenges and personal dilemmas faced by those on all sides of the terrorist conflict.

Available for $26.98 "THE GRID" two-DVD set includes all six hours of the mini-series plus optional commentary by the film's director and executive producer, deleted scenes, a "Factual Fiction" featurette and a "The Globe of the Grid" featurette (complete disc breakdown included below).

"THE GRID" - Synopsis:

The leading US intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI, NSA) form a complex alliance with their British counterparts (MI5, MI6) to combat an intricate organization of international terrorists plotting a set of vicious attacks against the US and UK. In the meantime, the agents in charge face awkward political and operational tensions between the various agencies and countries.

Street Date: February 8, 2005

Murder One - Season One

A grisly murder, a famous suspect and a lurid trial that will last an entire season... like the heart-pounding series "24," the "MURDER ONE" SEASON ONE DVD COLLECTION will keep you on the edge of your seat and glued to the television when it debuts as a six-disc DVD set on February 8, 2005 from Fox Home Entertainment.

Season One of creator Steven Bochco's ("NYPD Blue," "L.A. Law") ground- breaking show follows the unpredictable twists and turns of a high-profile murder trial over the course of 23 episodes. Starring Daniel Benzali, Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson and Jason Gedrick, "MURDER ONE" received multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations during its run on ABC from 1995-1997.

Available for $59.98, the "MURDER ONE" SEASON ONE DVD COLLECTION includes all 23 episodes of this single case (interspersed with elements of other cases the firm is involved in). There is also audio commentary on selected episodes and a "Making the Case: Season One" featurette. The series is presented in 1:33:1 aspect ratio on six dual-layered discs with English Dolby 2.0 and English, Spanish and French subtitles.


Theodore Hoffman (Daniel Benzali) is a prominent defense attorney in a prestigious Los Angeles law firm. After successfully defending the wealthy but suspicious Richard Cross (Stanley Tucci) in a lurid murder trial, he is now involved in the defense of Neil Avedon (Jason Gedrick). Neil is a famous young actor who has had severe drug and alcohol problems and was subsequently charged with the murder, after Cross was acquitted.

Street Date: February 8, 2005